About Me


Hey, this is Otto, from Shanghai, China. Of course I have my Chinese name which is Yizhou Zhu, I can totally understand if you cannot pronounce my name properly. I majored in teaching Chinese as a second language when I was in China, and now I just graduated from a graduate program of public relations in Kent State University. I love music, movies, lifestyle, fashion, and all kinds of entertainment. Like I said I love music, but sometimes I am confused by the situation that some songs are really fantastic to me but they never became popular. I think these things will be both fun and important for my studying in PR. Especially when we memorized those heart-touching stories on stage, it definitely has something to do with my profession.

My E-mail is yzhu16@kent.edu. Let’s share good ideas and music!



  1. Mark · March 14, 2013

    Rudeeee !! hahahahaa hope u get an A ! xoxo =p

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