Twitter “leader” Justin Bieber, still need mass media?

Justin Bieber, as one of the most popular artists all over the world, recently has replaced Lady Gaga and own more followers than anyone else. With the help of his PR team and his fame, he has done great job on social media. As cited from Sebastian, “ ‘Bieber can go around the media and effectively deliver his message to his fans,’ said Gini Dietrich, CEO of PR firm Arment Dietrich. ‘We used to have to rely on journalists to tell our story for us, but in the past few years, owned media … allows us to tell our stories by building legions of fans who love working with us, love our products or services, and want to see us succeed.’  ”

justin-bieberWe all know how social media matters these days in no matter what area, including music PR, especially in music PR. Look at Justin Bieber. After he did so many thing wrong, his  “Beliebers” are still following him. He had his laptop “stolen”, so his naked pictures can be seen on the Internet. He blew off his fans on his own concert and was late for near two hours. He said he didn’t care about these media and journalists in his Instagram, Twitter and in public. Each of these can destroy an artist. But the social media save Bieber every time. His fan still love this big bad boy. But is it because Bieber’s PR team is good at social  media  they are not afraid of being enemy of mass media at all?

Recently, there is a video is quite interesting and watched by 3,216,990 viewers on YouTube. It’s title is Justin Bieber lashes out at cameraman.

As most comments said to this video, Justin Bieber did nothing really wrong in this shot video. Journalists don’t like Bieber because all of these mistakes he made and all his bad words about mass media. So they maybe did it deliberately just to piss him off or they were really angry at him. Anyway, this video is definitely not good for him. He can survive all of these rumors and bad news because he maintains great influence on all these social media now. Can he do this after maybe two years, or five years? Mass media maybe have less power now, but as an good artist he should never underestimate any kind of media. What do you think?



  1. pmccorkl · April 7, 2013

    Oh Justin Bieber. His rise to fame has been amazing to watch. From a Youtube user to being discovered and signed by Usher, the Biebs has been on top of the world since day one. On the other hand, his crazy antics could possible cause his star to dim. Some would say he’s just acting like a teenager but at the same time, he literally has millions of young people following his every move 24/7 (thank social media for that!). As a celebrity he does have some sort of responsibility to watch his actions because he is in the spotlight. However, because the media is the media and they love to tear people down, the Biebs has to be careful if he wants to maintain his place in pop history. It would be a shame to see him crash and burn because of his wild teenage ways. I’m not a Bielber BUT I do want to see how long his star will shine.

    • ottoten · April 7, 2013

      Yeah sometimes the media tried too hard to bring him down..I’m not a fan but his live performance is really not bad for his age.

  2. sijieliu · April 12, 2013

    There is an old saying, “if you can’t get famous, get infamous.” I always believe it’s the infallible law in entertainment industry, because attention is kind of… everything you need… Celebrities in the entertainment industry push this rule into an extreme. However, in the entertainment industry, “no flower could bloom forever.” Well, at least seldom of them do.

    There are lots of elements that could decide a singer’s fate: luck, skill, outer environment, media, social media, etc, etc…

    If Justine Bieber continues to act like this, but refuse to improve his real skill of singing, he will fade away eventually. Just like Jay Zhou and his fans, there WILL be a day when kids who used to be obsessed with those stars finally grow up and suddenly realize how silly are they to put all those posters around their room; and the new generation will have their own idol again. It’s just the circle of thrive.

    Quote from one of my favorite movies “Chicago”- “You can like the life you’re living; you can live the life you like…right now is heaven, but nothing stays.”

  3. Jordyn L Saul · April 15, 2013

    Hi my names is Jordyn Saul, and I am in professor Ewing’s Principles to Public Relations class. I think that part of the reason he has such a strong following has to do partly with the fact that he has very loyal followers, but it does also definitely have to do with social media, and using these tools to his advantage. He constantly thanks his fans, making them feel more attached to him, as well as take it to twitter to apologize after a mishap, which as you stated has been happening often. I agree with “pmccorkl” when they say he has a social responsibility to act a certain way for his fans. Luckily for him though because of PR and social media he is not taking as harsh of a punishment in the media for his wrong doings.

    • ottoten · April 15, 2013

      Yeah I think he didn’t do much wrong. For me he behavior just like a normal boy as his age. The most thing he need do better is don’t piss off the journalists. He might still need them even he gets a lot of fans.

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