Stop being a queen

Talking about artists, every people maybe has his or her favorite one. For me, I love Adele, Beyonce, Emeli, Jack Johnson, and so on, but Christina Aguilera is always the best for me.

This is one of my favorite performances of her.

Christina has won five Grammys and owned five top one Billboard single songs. She was once one of the best selling singers in the world. In many competitions, her songs are people’s first choice. “Although the ever-pretentious Madonna would probably argue that she is the undisputed Queen of flop, the dookie colored crown actually belongs to none other than Christina Aguilera.” She was the queen, but now she is only the queen of flop. How could this happen?


It is not hard to find the reason. Actually, Christina is a perfect example to prove how important it is to maintain a good image of an artist. I think her mistake on Super Bowl National Anthem Flub was a start to ruin her image. She forgot the lyrics of National Anthem. She did screw up this show. First, Super Bowl has too many audiences, so this mistake can’t be either forgotten or ignored. Second, it is quite unbelievable to make such a severe mistake. The lyrics should always be kept in mind because it matters both to the country and citizens. However, this mistake is not what her PR team can avoid for her in advance because no one would know it could happen. “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country.” This is her only “apology” after this crisis. Obviously, it is not enough at all. Aguilera was described as being “devastated” when she went backstage after her performance. “I have been performing the anthem since I was 7 years old and I must say the Super Bowl is a dream come true,” Aguilera said before the game. “I am really excited to be part of such an iconic event.” Her team definitely underestimated how bad this crisis could be. They made a beautiful image for her before the accident, like she is familiar with this song and she love this country so much, but they barely said anything about the mistake. They didn’t even say sorry about that.

Thinking about Christina’s image, it wasn’t maintained well enough since the beginning. Her story can remind the PR team of any other singers how important a good image is to their artists. In Christina’s age, two great stars matters to the whole world, Mariah Carey and Whitney Huston. Christina was described as a merged voice between those two artists. But sometimes, she was too self-confident about her voices. As Gossip Pen says, “There’s also the fact that Christina Aguilera is just an unlikable person, and has been from day one. She’s always been a huge snob that has turned her nose up at any and everyone she felt wasn’t on her level.” To be too self-confident and looking down on anyone are the description of her image. She left the bad image to the audiences by her gestures, words, the way to response to the journalists and so on.

All of these can be avoided if she has a better PR team at the very beginning. “She doesn’t have the fan interaction and continued cross-promotion that the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have.” As cited from JUNO, I think she needs more two-way communication. Christina has done a great job on improving her image since she joined TheVoice. She tried to be humble and behave better. And she started to communicate more by being more active on twitter and so on. Her PR team also shares more her funny expression and how she became fat these years.Christina in TheVoice

She doesn’t need to pretend to be the best because it will only hurt image which is important to artists. People need a normal star. People like Whitney Huston even after her drug rumor; like Michael Jackson after his abusing children incident. Why? Two-way communication matters. The audiences will bear with some mistakes by their favorite stars if they know they didn’t mean to do this and their star still love his or her fans. Christina’s image was ruined by her bad PR consciousness and her way of communication. And here are some successful images of artists.

People need a normal diva, not a queen to run the world. Diva, Queen, funny people, these are built by communication and PR people. And that is an important part in music PR.



  1. Crystal · March 6, 2013

    It is a very interesting story. I didn’t know much about her. But through your descriptions and quotes, I felt she was a little over self-confident, maybe arrogant. People may forget what you have said and done, but they will remember how you make them feel. This is personal branding. I think such feelings come from details. Details really matter. Unfortunately, it seems Christina didn’t care about details so much. She said Super Bowl was her dream, but what she did failed to prove it. Imagine if she apologized with tears in her eyes and said how regretful she was when she forgot the lyrics. What would happen next? Audience would probably forgive and forget. The fact is that she didn’t and thus she was consider not genuine, not honest. She let her fans down. Sigh… What a huge PR failure!
    “People need a normal star.” You mentioned a great point here! After Zip Gate, Clinton was even more popular among Americans as people thought the present was just as normal as they were, not far to reach. Mistakes, scandals, and even crises are actually not that horrible. Instead, they can be opportunities.

  2. chriswangphotography · March 6, 2013

    I love Christina Aguilera. She was my hero when I was young. But sometimes she always acts like she is the only legend in this world. With her unhealthy singing skills, she almost destroyed her voice. The good thing is that she is changing now, the attitude, vocal skills, maybe loose some weight in the future. I’m still looking forward her new things and always being her big fan for ever.

  3. thejackik · March 17, 2013

    Wow I had actually forgotten about her crazy super bowl incident! I do believe that her PR team could have done a lot more to fix that giant snafu. She could have publicly apologized and volunteered at a facility for veterans afterwards and this may have helped sooth the crisis of her forgetting her words.

    Also Gaga has a huge twitter following, does Christina even have a twitter handle she uses herself or a facebook page? I am sure that would help her out immensely.

    I disagree where you say ‘normal diva.’ That is about as contradictory as you can get with the term “diva.” People love divas because of their crazy, unbelievable tactics and personality. I feel as though if they kept their crazy tactics up but made themselves seem more approachable on social networks that they would go over that much better. It would also be awesome if their insane b**ch fits were posted on social media sites. Like what if Christina tweeted “I will not go on stage until I get the freshest blueberries served in a baby doll’s head!” Like that would crack me up and I would most certainly follow her to just see those crazy tweets! Not to mention her followers could then tweet her pictures of blueberries and baby doll heads and what not. If you are labeled diva, you have to live up to that name, the public expects it.

    • ottoten · March 17, 2013

      Ha ha when i say normal divas I was just trying to say they are normal people anyway even if they are crazy sometimes lol.

  4. Halie Rogers · April 17, 2013

    Christina Aguilera was one of my favorites growing up! I grew up jamming out to her music and went to all of her concerts. But i will say after her falling out of messing up the National Anthem, i think her career began to dwindling down. But the problem is, her PR didn’t even help her hardly and didn’t show her sympathy towards the matter at all. I know Christina has a good heart and isn’t the type to just not care and walk away. Christina’s PR team didn’t really help her, in doing the right things to do and say to get her image pack to par. But then you think why do people like Justin Bieber get away with naked pictures and he still has an enormous amount of fans. Well the answer is he uses social media. Justin Bieber is more of a prominent star, i believe this has a lot to do with social media. With the twitter, you tube, instagram, Facebook; all of these are tools that stars today use to boost their image and to express their “appreciation” to their fans. Christina didn’t grow up in that era, and wasn’t able to start her career with this social media aspect behind her. There is many many ways Christina could’ve have saved herself from her downfall but the thing is her PR team wasn’t there for her, and she didn’t have the opportunities of social media. So because of her age, and her star quality dwindling throughout the years, Christina Aguilera had kind of become a nobody. later on you see that Christina decided to go out on her own, and to make her page better all by herself, by joining The Voice. This was a great thing for Christina, it allowed people to remember her for how amazing talented and sweet she was. The Voice put her back on the spot, even though not a lot of people believed in her, that didn’t stop her from “Believing She Was Stronger”. Christina isn’t done with Hollywood yet, she is a mother, and an amazing artist, that still has a lot more to offer!!

    • ottoten · April 17, 2013

      I’m still a big fan of CA. And you made a great point. She definitely will come back because she gets a really good voice and skill. I believe she is still a kind artist!

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