Best choice of Bri Music,Emeli Sandé

If you like good voice, perfect skills, and British music, you must know the new singer Emeli Sandé. She is a 23-year-old from rural northern Scotland. Emeli started to write songs since she was only ten. Although she released her first album “Our Version Of Events” on 2012, which has gone on to become the UK’s biggest selling debut album of 2012 so far, winning Emeli this year’s coveted BRITs Critics’ Choice Award, many great pop singers have already sung her compositions before. Actually she is never a new singer because of her performance for London Olympic Games in 2012.

Emeli Sande's coover of her new single

I am excited of knowing such a good singer, but it makes me curious about how PR works in promoting this great singer. Obviously, although Emeli was good at her job since many years ago, she just made her name known by most of us from 2012, with the help of her PR team. Talking about PR works of British music, they are really good at their job. The most successful example these years must be our great Adele. Adele’s team told us a fantastic story about her. Adele produced this album when she was 19, so the album’s name is 19. She is talented, both at writing songs and singing. However, they made the story like a tragedy. It is said she wrote all of these touching songs after she was abandoned by her boyfriend, her friend, and even herself. All of these painful things made her successful. And just as Kitchener mentioned, “Since Adele, whose career now needs no explanation, the title has been handed down to Florence And The Machine, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J; and each triumphant lady has gone on to score a chart-topping debut album and a huge commercial following.”  Actually it is a tradition story of promoting a new singer. Sia became more popular after the audience knowing her boyfriend, with her for seven years, died in a car accident, and then she wrote the song “Breathe Me.

Her promotion is quite traditional for me. I first heard about Emeli through a post on Twitter. I followed a lot of music cyber shills so that I can know who the new singer is and what is or will be popular next. In the post, she was titled as diva, queen, and goddess and so on, which is obviously not that appropriate for a new singer. But audiences like these titles, and they are curious about how good she can be. After clicked the link, I was shocked and addicted to her voice, melody and the lyrics in a few weeks. The song is “Clown”.

In the coming weeks and months, she is almost everywhere on these social medias, such as facebook, youtube, instagram, etc. In my opinion, the most successful publicity strategy is that they make the audiences treat her as a great diva at the very beginning. She was titled as the next Adele before she became popular. The most useful strategy of promoting new singers can be two approaches, one is to title them as diva of best vocal, and the other is to make them special and different. Besides, her special hair style is also helpful to make her popular.

Emeli Sandé‘s chillingly powerful single “Next To Me” has been given a kick for a real push as her US single. After that, she won many awards of her new album, including the important two Bri Awards which officially means she became one of the most potential and famous singers in British and even in the whole world. She went to Ellen’s show which is a necessary TV show in the music promotion. Beyoncé was there just several days before. Recently, she released her new tour information to the world, including her plan both in Europe and US.

Emeli is successful because she brought home two Bri Awards, including the Best British Female, and some other awards in such a short time and just for her first album. She is exactly experiencing what Adele did several years ago. But we all know good vocal and good skills are never enough to become a real star. Music PR always matters. Nowadays, her PR team started to target her development in some other continents other than just Europe, such as North America.


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