Queen Bee’s Back

Queen Bee is back, lets enjoy her super perfect super bowl halftime show first.

Recently, a big star is coming back to the stage, which is so exciting. But the real exciting things for me are more than that. When a star wants  more attention from the audiences PR people matter a lot. In this case, I feel this better than anything before. Talking about Beyoncé halftime show, her team is so talented to arrange all the promotion for her. First, she is the honored guest for this year’s halftime show performance of Super Bowl. As we all know, Super Bowl is the most popular championship game in America, and almost everyone in America is waiting for it. The halftime show is the highlight of it, and that is why many people don’t even know the rules of football expect the game every year, like me.

Although Beyoncé isn’t like Justin Timberlake who hasn’t released any songs for seven years, fans are waiting for her since the MTV Video Music Awards and it’s quite a long time for a popular diva like her.

Beyonce and Destiny's Child on Super Bowl 2013 Halftime show

In this show, she didn’t just sing some songs and dance perfectly just like what she did every time. This time, she gathered the Destiny’s Child back together. People like old singing group getting together and perform the old songs in a new way, especially when one of the members is a famous diva, like Beyoncé. That is a dream of so many fans. She realized it for every one of us. It is the same reason why a good story can touch people. People can remember a story if they can literally feel it. People can see themselves fitted when the group wasn’t dismissed from the performance. The audiences can always be attracted by something containing a good story. That is probably why people can’t forget this show instead of others’ while the audience rating was not as good as  Madonna’s last year. They reunited the Destiny’s Child and pronounced their new albums. They connected the new Destiny’s Child to the big star Beyoncé, which is a traditional music PR move in this industry.

In addition, she announced her “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” just one day after the Super Bowl performance. By now, 23 shows’ tickets have been sold out. The tickets of stop DC were sold out in only 60 seconds! People love Bee, and we all know that. But without PR work and promotions before, even Beyoncé can’t do that. I mean her last album didn’t have a good sales volume. She hasn’t got up to the top 1 on billboard for years. And now, she is back, with her queen title.

Besides, she will be the guest of the “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The preview of this show is all over the social media. Beyoncé is also the cover girl of the newest VOGUE. With her 17th Grammy, she is everywhere and unstoppable!8465620118_95509fb2cc_z

Last but not the least aspect I want to mention here is that this time the promotion of Beyoncé on social media is great. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even some social websites in China, have all been filled with her information and news for weeks. It’s smart for her PR team to use the great Super Bowl and Destiny’s Child to promote her new world tour and information about new single. Queen Bee is back. It is PR pushing her back to the center of the world. It is also we the audiences made this happen!


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  1. Hannah · April 16, 2013

    Beyonce definitely is back on top in the music world. She has always been well loved and a talented artist. I knew that Beyonce was going to be doing the halftime show this year at the superbowl but I didnt know that Destinys Child was going to get back on the stage together and finish the show out. That was an amazing idea, it was great to see all three of them being successful doing there own music, but also a great treat to see them back together again. It gave fans a chance to see how there once favorite ladies group was doing, and that they could still win fans hearts. What a brilliant strategy to announce a tour the very next day after the super bowl while everyone was still hyped up about Destinys Child’s performance the night before. Fans would still be pumped up and ready to buy tickets. Media would be all over the tour and wanting all the details. I really do believe she is unstoppable.

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