“I am a singer” makes a twenty-years dream come true.

Recently, a name is known by almost everyone in China, Huang Qishan. Before a show, “I am a singer”, only some professional singers and album producers knew who she is. She is so good at singing that other singers called her Chinese Mariah Carey, Chinese Whitney Huston and so on, but weirdly she was never popular before that competition. She became a big name from no one in just 5 minutes at a one hour show.

Huang Qishan

According to Wikipedia, I Am a Singer (Korean: 나는 가수다) is a singing competition program originated from South Korea. Seven talented singers who are already popular before the competition perform, and audiences vote to eliminate one singer after each week’s performance.

Actually, besides Huang, the other six singers are really famous and good at their job. It makes the thing even more confusing. Why this kind of thing would happen? I mean she is good, but she is not new to be a singer and she was as good as she is now. Why now and why in this TV show?

The first song that make she became famous is a Chinese song, Waiting. Just like herself, she has waited for this moment for over twenty years.

First, I think it is because nowadays people in China are really fans to these vocal competition series. People have more chances to hear these good voices. They can watch these from every mainstream media and social media, and they can even watch it separately which means they can skip the part they don’t like very much. The circumstance is like that people have a better life than before in China, so they have more both time and interests in watching these competitions.

Second, actually I think it is like a further part of the first reason. Just several months before “I am a singer”, another vocal competition, the voice of China, brought people the new way of hearing new and good singers to show themselves. It was successful. After that competition, the TV station even said that only the voice can beat the voice. People are waiting for someone can break this saying. Making “I am a singer” popular is what the audiences are expecting for. It is just right this moment that people have the most interests and expectation for a good singer like Huang wiz the best skill and vocal.

Third, at the second episode, she chose a song whose name is Not fair. This song makes her more famous with her story that the fate is not fair to her. People love to hear about stories, especially these miserable stories. She has the best skills and vocal, but she failed again and again. The worse thing is, the fate never told her why she can’t make it. The only thing left to her is waiting and keeping singing. People like her more with the sympathy inside. She succeeded because she had a story that everyone likes and she told people by words, songs, every performance.

Fourth, she is everywhere after the first performance, literally everywhere. I have no chance to keep not knowing who she is. She was on YouTube, Youku, RenRen, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, and so on, every social media.

She is good, the timing is good, the story is good, and the promotion is great. What else? Success!

Here is the newest performance of Huang Qishan, I will always love you. Yes, the Whitney Huston one.



  1. catherine9king · February 17, 2013

    I am just glad to hear such a good voice.
    China has imported several vocal competitions in 2012 & 2013, I cannot say I am a big fan because reality TV show is really the narcotic for TV industry.
    However, I am so glad those people were given chances to “scream, and shout and let it out loud”.
    Good STORY! Good VOICE!

  2. Crystal · February 23, 2013

    Not only Chinese consumer behaviors have changed, they pay more attention to the quality of lives, but also the show producers are much smarter. They really know what the audience want.
    Huang is really good at personal branding. As you mentioned, the songs she chose always include stories about herself. Also, if you watch the whole show and see how she performs in the interviews, how she reacts to other professionals. You will never want to lose her on this stage. She bows to those who play the music for her every time she shows up on the stage and leaves the stage. She is always humble and speaks for all, not only herself. More importantly, she is really talented!

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  7. Elena M. Rounsley · April 16, 2013

    I was very interested in this blog and how you discussed the matter of Chinese music and artist and also discussed singers in America. I am not someone who is up to date with the music and knows much about it. After reading this I feel I grasped a good understand of music and how their PR team works hard to keep their image to their audiences and the media. If they ruin one aspect of there look or how they present themselves it can change. Put them in danger and also the PR team, because then you have to work to fix the problem. I am engaged in this blog and think that the artist themselves need to keep their image they have already and not try to change. Also the PR team needs to understand and have their artist they work for keep the same look to because I also believe that it would be less work for the PR team to and so they do not have to work with the media and have problems. I also am impressed with the information that was provided about Huang Quishan, going into the competition and working her way up. Becoming a popular singer and having a big audience love her and the way she performs and sings. The fact that she is everywhere after her first performance is great. I feel that is important for singers to be out there and be seen by the people to get their name that much bigger than it already is. Also her voice was amazing in the video I watched in this blog. The fact that she sings songs by over big name stars like Whitney Huston is great. Yes it is the same song but it is performed differently with a different voice. China I feel like is not known for music and people around the world do not know what goes on in China and what music they listen to and the competitions they hold. In all I was very interested in the blog and I feel I was engaged in a lot more information about music from America and famous singers like Justin Bieber and Christina Augleria. I love Christina she has been my favorite singer since I was young. Justin Bierber though I have not like realized he was so attracted by so many people especially in social media. All this is new information to me that I find completely interesting. I would like to see more blogs about music just because I never realized how much music is engaging to the people.

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